Here at Richard Crosse spiritual development is a critical component of holistic education, which aims to nurture not just academic skills but also the emotional, social, and ethical dimensions of a child's growth. It ensures that students develop into well-rounded individuals.

Spiritual development refers to the growth of a child's inner life, encompassing their sense of connection to something greater than themselves, whether that be religious faith, nature, humanity or a personal sense of meaning and purpose. It involves an understanding of their place in the world. One way we encourage spiritual development is through our Windows, Mirrors and Doors approach. 


Windows, Mirrors and Doors


  • Opportunities for children to be aware of the world in new ways, looking out into the world.

  • To wonder about life's 'WOWS'. Things that are amazing.

  • To think about life's 'OWS' that take us by surprise!

  • Learning about life in all its fullness.


  • Opportunities to reflect on their experiences.
  • Looking inside yourself.
  • Consider life's big questions and reach for some possible answers.
  • Learning from life by exploring our own insights and those of others.

  • Opportunities for children to respond.
  • Moving onto a new path or situation.
  • Learning to live out our beliefs and values.

Outdoor Learning Days

Every term, each class enjoys a day of outdoor learning at St Mary’s School in Colton or The Howard School in Elford. These schools provide the children with a safe place which is immersed in nature and wildlife. The children are able to explore the woodland areas to develop their sense of awe and wonder through nature. These outdoor learning days allow children to reflect on their own beliefs and reflect on their own response to the natural world. We feel a connection to God in the natural world. When we spend time in nature, we get to know God, ourselves and the world we live in. In nature, we experience lessons connected to the bible that help us grow and strengthen our faith such as love, respect and friendship.

Pupil voice comments:

  • It was really fun to explore outdoors
  • Great for class bonding
  • I liked the fresh air and exploring somewhere new
  • I enjoyed making creative art work

Spiritual Development Guidance

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